Art in nature

Art in nature

Main question

Is art environmentally neutral?


Are cultural activities in nature also safe for nature and the environment?

Overview of the project

The discussion was open to a meeting of ecologists, naturalists, conservationists with artists and cultural operators, who carry out their actions in close contact with the landscape. Our colleague Roman Černík invited three ladies to the discussion, whose work and social commitment in the country can be an example and inspiration for everyone.


  • Marika Smreková
Kristine Tange is Danish performer and cultural organizer. She has participated in the cultural animations of several districts of Copenhagen. She was also part of the revitalization of the old abandoned Copenhagen harbor.
Dominika Špalková is a Czech cultural organizer, playwright, and director. She worked as the artistic director of the Theater „Drak“ (Dragon) in Hradec. A significant line of her career  is working with children and young viewers.
Marika Smreková is a theater director, founder, and curator of the community festival of contemporary theater and art UM UM (2012 – 2021) in Stará Ľubovňa.